Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kailashben and Bhikiben scored 69% and 70% respectively in TYBA

LRK: Patadi: Gujarat: 22 July, 2014.
First time I met both of them in one of our meeting in Zinzuwada region. They volunteered for our meeting with women on health issues. I liked the way, they were talking about their village problems. Both of them are childhood friends and their parents are Agariyas. However they stay in the village and continue their education. They had passed their 12th and wanted to continue their higher studies.
“Ben, we need to pay 2500 Rs per semester. Will you talk to the principal, he may give some concession. Same year we started “fellowship for Agariyas children” with support from AID.
Both of them were selected for scholarship. School gave 50% sponsorship. Three years have passed, and today they gave me a call to tell that they passed with good percentage.
“What are you planning to do now?”  “MA and B.Ed” they replied….
Kailashben andBhikiben has become inspiration for many others. 

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