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Rann Shala - A Ray of Hope

Rann Shala (desert Schools) – A ray of hope

Little Rann of Kutch (LRK) is mud desert with over 5000 sq. km area. This piece of land remained un-surveyed for quite some period after independence. Finally it was given “ZERO” survey number.

Life is not very easy in the desert for salt workers who resides here for nearly 8 months. During day temperature goes near to 50 while during night it drops down suddenly to 4 degrees. Salt workers resides in make shift shelter made up of grass and bamboos, which are not enough to protect them from high velocity winds and extreme temperatures.

Till recently salt workers use to purchase drinking water a very high price from the private water suppliers. This use to cost them around 700 Rs per month per family. With consistent efforts by our organization, (Agariya Heetrakshak Manch), now government has started water supply through tankers. Health vans visit the desert once in 10 days. however to get female doctor in the health van is big challenge. Women salt workers hesitate to share their health issues with male doctor.

Education is still a distant dream for the community. Children migrate to desert along with their parents. They leave their house, village, their school too…
On returning in may to the village children find that their friends have already passed annual exams. These children remain in the same class.

Salt workers now have realized that education is the only hope for them. This year community started their own schools in the desert. Obviously it need support from all of us.
Salt workers do not get vegetable and milk in the desert. The ratio of malnutrition, night blindness is very high here. Thus it is essential that child gets some nutritional support in the school. Government is sponsoring partial expenses in Patan district. However we need around 1.44 lakhs to reach to cover 200 children.
Details of schools:
Area in the desert
Teacher’s Name
No. of Children
Banaskantha vistar Rann
Shri Jayubhai Chaudhary
Nav Number Rann
Shri Satish Raval
Mataji Nu Btku Rann
Shri Jigneshbhai Desai
Uparnu Rann
Shri Rajeshbhai Chaudhary
Garamadi rann
Shri Vishrambhai taliwad
Ramesh Salt
Shri Rakeshbhai Patel
Bandhpara – Kharaghoda Rann area
Dakshaben Oducha
Alok Salt kharaghoda Rann Area
Mavjibhai Manharbhai
Ganesh Mandali Kharaghoda Rann Area
Kalpeshbhai Bachubhai
Jogad Shakti Sahakri Mandali Rann Area
Satyanarayan Mandali rann area
Navganbhai Valjibhai
Kharaghoda Rann Area 2 schools


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